Pocket Cocktails Guitar

You can listen to recordings of most of the musical examples in Pocket Cocktails Guitar. Listening to recordings can be helpful when learning to play the guitar because you can match what you play to what you hear. For example, when learning to play a chord, you can listen to a recording of how the chord should sound when you play it. You may also find playing along with the recordings helpful. You can click each chapter name below to link to all the recordings for the topics in the chapter. You can download the recordings and play them on your own computer.
Drum Beats
Drum Beats contains links to three different examples of drum beat recordings you can use when practicing. Each drum beat recording is four bars long and is recorded at a different speed. You can play most of the practice exercises in the book while listening to one of these drum beat recordings. Playing the practice exercises over the drum beat recordings helps you play at an even speed without having to listen to the guitar part, which is found in the other recordings. Choose the drum beat with the speed you feel most comfortable playing at.
Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Play
Chapter 4: Playing Basic Chords
Chapter 5: Playing Barre Chords and Power Chords
Chapter 6: Playing Single Notes
Chapter 7: Articulation Techniques
Chapter 8: Playing Rock Guitar
Chapter 9: Playing the Blues
Chapter 10: Playing Folk and Country Music
Chapter 11: Playing Classical Guitar
Chapter 13: Guitar Accessories